How To Buy

Whole- and partial-animal sales

We prefer to sell our beef, pork, and lamb directly to you. You can purchase beef by the quarter, half, or whole; pork by the half or whole; and lamb whole. Unless you buy the whole animal, you must reserve a space on a waiting list until all shares are accounted for. While this is the least expensive way to purchase our meat, and the only way to get offal like liver and hearts, you do have to work a little harder for it. You will need to send us payment in advance — including the slaughter fee — and to coordinate with the local butcher shop as to exactly how you want it processed into cuts.

Email for price lists and more information.


Eggs: Our certified organic eggs are available through various Bay Area markets. The suggested retail price is $8 per dozen. This price reflects the extremely high cost of the organic feed that we use to supplement the hens’ “salad bar” and because of the labor involved with truly free-range eggs on a small-scale farm like ours. (The eggs must hand-collected and hand-washed, and we lose chickens regularly to predators like hawks.) You will be amazed at our eggs’ bright yellow yolks, reflecting higher levels of beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids from being raised on grass, and their rich eggy taste.
Poultry: We raise chickens and occasionally turkeys primarily for our CSA. They usually come with their feet and head. Our roasting birds (not available in winter)  and average 4-5 lbs. each dressed. Again, this reflects the high cost of organic feed and the labor involved with doing things right, such as moving chickens to fresh pasture. In the fall we also offer stewing chickens — spent laying hens; they average 2.5 to 4 pounds.

Farmers markets and restaurants: We also occasionally send our cows and hogs to USDA- or state-inspected slaughterhouses and sell that meat to restaurants and farmers markets*.

Clark Summit Farm Meat Club

In May 2008 we started our Community Supported Agriculture program with a series of three-month subscription periods and different-sized shares. We have since moved to a different, “virtual farmers market” model, where you order which cuts you desire, on a first-come, first-served basis using our custom Web-based ordering system. Deliveries are monthly and the meat is frozen. You pay for your meat and eggs when you pick up, after putting down an initial deposit. You can order as much or as little, and every month or as infrequently as you like. Learn more