Meat Club

A Farm Day picnic for the Meat Club members

All our beef is 100% grassfed (yes those really are our cows in the site banner above) and has been hung to dry-age for 3 weeks for best flavor. All our pork is from pastured pigs fed organic whey from Cowgirl Creamery, organic grains, and our own scraps. The chickens are raised in movable pens and their “salad bar” is augmented by organic grains. The laying hens have the run of the farm.

Why Meat Club? By paying directly for your meat, poultry, and eggs, you help us maintain our high standards of feed, animal welfare, and land stewardship, and maybe someday even expand.

What’s available in the Meat Club? We offer pork year round (including suckling pigs); beef every month; chicken, lamb, and veal in a limited fashion by season; and goat very occasionally. Eggs are available year round but are limited in winter. We sometimes have turkeys and geese for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We also offer bread baked fresh on delivery morning by Brick Maiden Bread in Point Reyes, where Liz’s daughter is the baker.

How does it work? In May 2008 we started our Community Supported Agriculture program with a series of three-month subscription periods and different-sized shares. A few years later we moved to a different, “virtual farmers market” model, where you order which cuts you desire, on a first-come, first-served basis using our custom Web-based ordering system. (If you want a high-demand item like bacon or, say, a Boston Butt roast, you had better log on right as the order opens!) Deliveries are monthly. You pay for your meat and eggs via PayPal or check when you pick up, after putting down an initial deposit. You can order as much or as little, every month or as infrequently as you like.

The meat is almost always frozen. (It’s hard to coordinate the harvest and cut-and-wrap of different animals for one delivery day otherwise.) Deliveries are usually the third Thursday of the month with pickup from 5-7pm (some wiggle room), to volunteers’ homes in Emeryville, San Francisco (Potrero Hill), and Marin (Mill Valley), or you can also pick up on the farm the following day.

What about…? More here, in the FAQs.

How do I join? The Meat Club is currently limited by how many coolers Liz can fit in her van for delivery day. Please email to see if we have space and if so, to get details on pricing and how to join.